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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Chidambaram Pincode / Post Office Search (CUDDALORE, Tamil Nadu)

Agaram B.O 608502ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Alapakkam S.O 608801ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Ammapettai B.O 608401ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Annamalai University S.O 608002ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Annamalainagar S.O 608002ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Ariyakoshti B.O 608502ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Azhisikudi B.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
B.Adivaraganallur B.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu
B.Mutlur S.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu
B.Odaiyur B.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Bhuvanagiri S.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Budavarayanpettai B.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
C.Arasur B.O 608302ChidambaramTamil Nadu
C.Mutlur B.O 608102ChidambaramTamil Nadu
C.Pudupettai B.O 608502ChidambaramTamil Nadu
C.Sathamangalam B.O 608201ChidambaramTamil Nadu
C.Veeracholagam B.O 608602ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Ennanagaram B.O 608602ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Gavarappattu B.O 608002ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Jayankondapattinam B.O 608002ChidambaramTamil Nadu
K.Adur B.O 608602ChidambaramTamil Nadu
K.Alambadi B.O 608602ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Keelamoongiladi B.O 608102ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Keelanuvampattu B.O 608102ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Keerapalayam S.O 608602ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Killai S.O 608102ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Kollimalai Kilpathi B.O 608303ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Kollimalai Melpathi B.O 608303ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Kollumedu B.O 608303ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Kothattai B.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Kothavacheri B.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Kovilampoondi B.O 608002ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Krishnapuram B.O 608602ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Kummidimulai B.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Kuriamangalam B.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Lalpuram B.O 608602ChidambaramTamil Nadu
M.Odaiyur B.O 608303ChidambaramTamil Nadu
M.Puliyangudi B.O 608302ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Maduranthaganallur B.O 608201ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Maniadur B.O 608303ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Manikollai B.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Manjakollai B.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Manjakuli B.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Melamanakudi B.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Melaparuthikudi B.O 608302ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Melavanniyur B.O 608302ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Miralur B.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Mullangudi B.O 608302ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Nakkaravanthankudi B.O 608002ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Nanjalur B.O 608302ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Nanjamahathuvazkai B.O 608102ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Neyvasal B.O 608303ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Odakkanallur B.O 608201ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Orathur S.O 608201ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Pannapattu B.O 608201ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Paradur B.O 608201ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Parangipettai S.O 608502ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Perampattu B.O 608002ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Periyakomatti B.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Pichavaram B.O 608002ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Pillaiyarthangal B.O 608303ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Pinnathur B.O 608102ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Ponnanthittu B.O 608102ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Puduchatram B.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Pulamedu B.O 608302ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Puvalai B.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Sakkangudi B.O 608201ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Samiyarpettai B.O 608502ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Sathapadi B.O 608601ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Sivapuri B.O 608002ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Suravilandur B.O 608302ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Temmur B.O 608302ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Thatchakadu B.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Theethampalayam B.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Thillaividangan B.O 608102ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Tirunaraiyur B.O 608303ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Uthamacholamangalam B.O 608002ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Vakkur B.O 608201ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Vallampadugai S.O 608401ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Vannaiyur B.O 608302ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Vayalur B.O 608602ChidambaramTamil Nadu
Villiyanallur B.O 608501ChidambaramTamil Nadu

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