Shopping in Chidambaram

Chidambaram is a beautiful town that manifests in blessings of Lord Shiva. This place also has a collection of good souvenirs that can help in recollecting the time spent and bring back fond memories of the town. Moreover, the beauty of these souvenirs is handcrafted with perfection and defines them in a unique way to whomever you present it.

Chidambaram Markets

Chidambaram offers numerous places and shops to buy indigenous handicrafts which exhibit the town’s culture and heritage. The local markets offer a wide range of products that can boast the ingenuity of Indian soil and lineage. Chidambaram appears to be a small town but there are several Khadi products along with silk sarees in local markets at reasonable rates. The city boasts of providing original products that are not available anywhere else at reasonable price. Further, the local craftsmen pride themselves in producing such fine works and feeling happy to sell out their products at reasonable price.

Chidambaram markets also sell materials for doing pooja such as flowers, coconuts, sandal paste (chandanam), vermillion (kumkum) paste etc. These markets contain different photos of various deities as the town is well known for many historical legends.


Shopping in ChidambaramBhuvanagiri, located 7 km away from Chidambaram is a major part of Chidambaram having its own share of popularity. Bhuvanagiri is the birthplace of saint Sri Raghuvendra Swami, famous for handkerchiefs, lungis and dhotis. The name Bhuvanagiri comes from ‘Bhuvana’ means world and ‘Giri’ means Mountains. The entire name has a meaning of “the place (world) that doesn’t move”. This town basically boasts of special form of saree called “Bhuvanagiri Pattu” and offers traditional form of saree that can be found only in this place.

The saree is handcrafted by ladies who are highly self-efficient in their skills and talent. They have their own small business running quite smoothly and efficiently catering to all the needs. If you require a magnificent saree for special occasions or gift a special one, then just visit this city.

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