Public Utility Services in Chidambaram

Chidambaram is a developed city located in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu. This city offers great importance to certain services such as health, emergency, fire services and more. Having a floating population of almost 1 lakh, Chidambaram needs expert medical and health care anytime of the day.

Public Utility Services in Chidambaram

The city houses a vast chain of hospitals and aims to provide the best possible healthcare services at affordable rates to all the people. It has many public and private hospitals that ensure to treat the sick patients with utmost care and attention. Fully equipped multi-speciality centers are easily accessible and they provide world class medical expertise and treatment of major diseases.

Government Hospital of Chidambaram
Opposite to Gandhi Statue, SP Koil Street
Chidambaram- 608001
Phone: + (91)-4144-223099, 222098
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Banks in Chidambaram

Chidambaram BanksChidambaram Banks offers a wide range of funding services for all the people living in and around the city.  Some of the popular banks in Chidambaram include HDFC, Axis Bank, ICICI and much more. These banks have numerous branches and also ATMs for the benefit of the people.

You can expect the best support from the Chidambaram banks as they are helpful in assisting the people to a great extent.

HDFC Bank Ltd
T S No 974 & 975, South Car Street
Chidambaram – 608001
Phone: + (91)-4144-220411, + (91)-9840673333

Axis Bank Ltd
No 78, Chidambaram, East Car Street
Chidambaram - 608001
Phone: + (91)-4144-225637, 225638

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Restaurants in Chidambaram

The town of Chidambaram surprises its people and the tourists with the best food at the most affordable prices. Many eating joints and hotels serve delicasies that will instantly win over your heart. There are dozens of restaurants spread across the town that offer home delivery as well. Culinary lovers can enjoy fast food and regional dishes with your loved ones anytime at the best prices. If you are a foodie, drop at your nearest restaurant and experience the real taste of Chidambaram.

Hotel Grand Park
No 59, Near Natarajar Temple
East car street, Chidambaram
Phone: +(91)-4144-225859, +(91)-9488370859

Vandayar Hotel
No 12, Near Bus Stand
Vgp Street, Chidambaram
Phone: +(91)-4144-225374, +(91)-7305541564

Fire Services in Chidambaram

It is obvious that accidents can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Such unexpected accidents and incidents are inevitable and can turn our world upside down. It is mandatory to take important steps to ensure that each of your lives remain safe from any such disastrous event. Chidambaram is efficiently equipped with all emergency services such as fire stations, ambulance services and so on. In order to support the people, the fire stations are available for 24 hours and people can contact them at any time.

Chidambaram is known to have an efficient fire brigade service that lives by the motto-WE SERVE TO SAVE. These services are available at moment’s notice and reach your place only in a call away. Chidambaram’s fire brigade has served its purpose for years and has never failed to make their presence in the required time. Always make sure that you have these important and life saving contact numbers of fire stations situated in Chidambaram in case of a fire emergency.

Fire Brigade Services
Railway Feeder Road
Chidambaram – 608001
Phone: +(91)-4144-238099, +(91)-4144-262101, +(91)-9445086411

Post Offices in Chidambaram

Postal service is one of the oldest forms of communication that has been prevalent in India since the olden times. Chidambaram is equally contributing for the development of postal services across the world. It is important to know that the city has a highly distinguished postal agency offering all postal services such as courier, speed post, delivery services and much more. The people of Chidambaram can also avail other important services such as opening savings accounts and obtaining postal insurance.

Post Office
No 98 A, Near Nilgiris
North Cart Street
Chidambaram – 608001
Phone: +(91)-4144-230400, 230500

Post Office (Speed Post Services)
Annamalai Nagar, Annamalainagar
Phone: +(91)-4144-238799

Broadband Services in Chidambaram

Chidambaram is slowly gaining the required resources to develop into a hub of multi-national companies because of easy availability of high quality and cheap internet services. High number of internet service providers offer a number of services such as business transactions, video conferencing, data transmission and much more to keep the business going. The town of Chidambaram has numerous broadband services to offer through various companies such as AIRTEL, TATA DOCOMO, VSNL, etc. These telecom companies offer uninterrupted broadband services to its customers at affordable rates.

Airtel Gallery
9/100, Karur By-Pass Road
Annamalainagar, Chidambaram
KVK Internet & Mobile Junction
No 35/36, Opposite Saingazepilliuar
S P Koil Street, Chidambaram
Phone: +(91)-4144-227659, +(91)-9894106086

Nu-TEK Syatems - Netzone Internet Cafe
Chidambaram- 608001
Phone: +(91)-4144-237135

Municipal Services in Chidambaram

The municipality of Chidambaram aims to serve the people by providing quality welfare facilities. It was first established in 1873 as a third grade municipality which has now been upgraded to selection grade. The municipality has 33 wards with every ward under the supervision of an elected councilor that takes care of six departments in general: General and Personal Administration, Public Health, Revenue, Engineering, City Planning and IT. It handles the working of basic services and ensures the people of Chidambaram are well equipped with these services. Here is a contact list of the Chidambaram Municipality Services along with a mail id to submit enquires or complaints regarding the service.

Chidambaram Municipality Office
No 5, Opposite Taluk Office & Police Station
Cutcherry Road
Chidambaram – 608001
Phone: +(91)-4144-222231, 227303
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