Lifestyle in Chidambaram

Lifestyle of the people of Chidamabaram is mainly divided into two broad categories - one that is heavily rooted in tradiution and heritage of teh cioty and one, mostly the student population who have lapped up the modern culture. Sensing the growing need for spas and salons, many beauty parlours have opened in the city to cater to the needs of the tourists and student community. Many new parlours are also opening almost every month and is spread across important locations in Chidambaram.

Beauty Parlours and Spas in Chidambaram

Lifestyle in ChidambaramBeauty parlours and salons in Chidambaram are now frequented by both men and women. Though it is mostly women who visit regularly, but men are not far behind these days in terms of beauty treatment. Naturals Family Salon & Spa, Sri Mahalakshmi Beauty Parlour, New Angel Ladies Beauty Parlour, Wellness Center & Spa and Womens World Beauty Parlour are some of the important beauty parlours in Chidamabaram.

Naturals Family Salon & Spa
No 13 1st Floor Krishna Plaza, Opposite National Maligai,
Near National High Fashion, Umaiyal Street,
Chidambaram Ho, Chidambaram – 608001
Contact numbers: +(91)-7373207374, +(91)-4144-223322
Sri Mahalakshmi Beauty Parlour
4 C/1, Bole Narayanan Street, Chidambaram Ho,
Chidambaram - 608001 +(91)-9677572526
Contact numbers: +(91)-4144-224063, +(91)-4144-223732
New Angel Ladies Beauty Parlour
South Street, Chidambaram Ho, Chidambaram – 608001
Contact number: +(91)-9894631274

Fitness and Gyms in Chidambaram

Having a healthy lifestyle is extremely important and with most of us stuck in front of our computers for long, we hardly get time to exercise. It is therefore helpful, if we can register at a fitness centre and make it a habit to visit a gym regularly.

Almighty Gym
Annamalai Nagar, Chidambaram Ho, Chidambaram - 608001
Contact number: +(91)-9345520260

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