Administration in Chidambaram

Chidambaram is a small town and municipality situated in Cuddalore district of TamilNadu and this place is the taluk headquarters of Chidambaram Taluk.The administration of Chidambaram aims to serve the people by providing quality services to the people of Chidambaram. First formed in 1873, the Chidambaram Municipality started as a third grade municipality which gradually evolved in the later years. It underwent upgradation in 1949 to evolve into a second grade administration with the inclusion of developed public utility services.

Administration of Chidambaram

In 1974, the Municipality of Chidambaram was uplifted to first grade bringing its people  newer resources and services. It is now a special selection grade level that offers the best services to the people in the city.

The administration of Chidambaram covers an area of 11.16 km2 (4.31 sq mi) including the Taluk headquarters. Moreover, Chidambaram administration is basically divided into 33 wards which are monitored through an individual councilor. Every ward has a separate skilled councilor to govern the activities of the particular ward and the employees.

Departments of Chidambaram Municipality

The various departments of the municipality are given below:

  • Information Technology
  • City Planning
  • Public Health
  • Revenue
  • General Administration
  • Engineering

All these departments are under the control of Municipal Administrator who acts as the executive head. Chidambaram Municipality handles all legislative powers by assigning responsibilities to these members. The legislative body of Chidambaram is headed by an elected Chairperson who acts as an assistant to the Deputy Chairperson of Chidambaram. 

The assembly constituency of Chidambaram is responsible for electing a member to the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly once in every five years. Law and order in the town is maintained with the help Chidamabaram Police department.

Chidambaram Municipality   
Address: No 5, Opposite Taluk Office & Police Station, Cutcherry Road,
Chidambaram Ho, Chidambaram - 608001
Phone Number: +(91)-4144-222231, 227303, 222229, 222227
Hours of Operation: 10:00 am to 05:30 pm

S. Nirmala Raja
Commissioner : R. Selvaraj
Vice Chairman: R. Senthil Kumar

The government of Tamil Nadu has successfully provided the people of Chidambaram with various new advancements in a short duration such as national slum development programmes, rainwater harvesting, entertainment fund work as well as the most important utility services at most affordable prices.

MLAs and MPs from Chidambaram

MLA – K. Balakrishnan
MP – M. Chandrakasi

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    Fish market if Chidambaram is not properlt maintained and clean.Always unbearable worst smell from wastes if fishes and irals and unable to cross street Muthumanickam st. and familues of nearby . Pleaee do the needful

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